Ex-Ann Arbor police officer accused of strangling wife to death

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A former police officer is accused of killing his wife in Pittsfield Township. 

According to their Facebook pages, Kent Niegebauer and his wife, Marcia, had moved there to focus on her health. Marcia had ALS.

Neighbors at Arbor Knoll Apartments say they didn't hear anything Sunday morning and were shocked to hear that Marcia, 63, had been allegedly murdered at the hands of her own husband.

"When I heard that a husband strangled his wife, I was pretty perplexed. I don't know how someone could do that to another person," said Katie Crow.

The news was more disturbing when they learned Kent, 66, was a former police officer with the Ann Arbor Police Department. He retired in 2004.

Police say Neigebauer was the one who dialed 911, confessing to the crime. He waited until police arrived and was taken into custody.

Gary Oxender is also a retired Ann Arbor police officer who now lives in Florida. He spoke to us by phone.

"Nice guy; great guy. It's a shock total complete, utter shock," Oxender said.

He was often partnered with Neigebauer, whom he describes as a good solid detective. Oxender never expected this.

"I can't believe it, I was like damn, you know," he said. "I have no idea why."

The Neigebauers had only lived on Plum Hollow for three months. What happened inside their apartment - and what caused this career cop to snap - is still unclear.

We're told the prosecutor is expected to review the case in the morning. Neigebauer is expected to be charged Tuesday afternoon.