Ex-Macomb Twp woman's son wounded in Florida school shooting

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Shockwaves from the Parkland, Florida high school mass shooting can be felt in Michigan.

A Macomb Township mother just moved to Parkland Florida a year ago -  she chose that area for the safe neighborhoods and the schools.

Colton's 14-year-old son Justin, was shot in the back and arm at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during Wednesday's rampage.

"He was in the building where most of the shooting took place," said Sara Colton who says she is still processing what happened. "It's very shocking it's not hit me, it’s not hit him, that's the best work I can use is shocking."

Sara just moved to the area from Macomb Township. When she heard about the shooting at her son's school - she immediately called Justin, a freshman at Douglas High School.

"He said he was getting into an ambulance to be treated for scratches," Colton said. "I didn't even think it would be anything related to a bullet."

When shots rang out Wednesday afternoon teachers started rushing students to safety like Ernie Rospierski, as his father-in-law Lee Porter of Center Line explained.

"This guy was coming down the hall and that's when he shot Ernie in the face," said Porter.

Even after being grazed by a bullet, Ernie was able to hide more kids from shooter Nikolas Cruz. Ernie and wife Andrea - also a teacher at the school - made it out safely.

"He's done good, they keep you proud," said Porter.

Seventeen teachers and students were killed - and Justin Colton was one of the lucky ones.

"I'm just so thankful and lucky he was able to get out," Sara said. "But at the same time I feel horrible for the parents who weren't as lucky."

Sara hasn't left his side at the hospital where she says he will make a full recovery. She's already dreading the thought of taking him back to school.

"I drop him off every single morning," she said. "I already thought 'Oh my gosh' we'll have to go back to school. It's very difficult to handle that."