Expert explains how we can improve our immune systems

It's a complex part of the human body that incorporates so many parts - the immune system.  So as we make our way through Covid, as well as cold and flu season. How can we help our immune system do its job?  

These days when we talk about boosting our immune system it's often about getting vaccinated - but beyond shots, what can we do to strengthen our immune system?

Can eating super healthy help build your immunity? The science isn't quite there yet. However, medical experts are looking at the impact of diet, exercise, sleep and stress when it comes to immunity.

A registered dietitian from Cleveland Clinic says you can't go wrong with colorful fruits and vegetables.  

"Some of the obvious things that we always want to look at is, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and we are going to get those from plant-based whole foods and foods that have a lot of color," said Kristin Kirkpatrick. "Foods that have a lot of color, that indicates they have a lot of vitamins and minerals."

Kristen Kirkpatrick says you should pay special attention to vitamin C – which may help fight infections.

Vitamin D also supports immune health, but the body doesn’t absorb it well from food, so you might want to talk to your doctor about a supplemental form, like d3.

She adds gut health is important as well, so be sure you’re getting enough probiotics, prebiotics and fiber.

"It’s also important to talk about things that make the immune system less likely to perform well, so that is highly processed foods, fast foods, added sugars, those all negatively impact gut health and negatively impact the immune system as well," she said.

Regular exercise and good sleep habits will also help immune health.the big takeaway message is, to try to follow general good health guidelines to keep your body - including your immune system, working properly.