Extreme weather causes flooded basements in metro Detroit

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The National Weather Service has issued a flood advisory for metro Detroit. Many people across the city are experiencing flooding in their basements.

Thanks to heavy rains, everything in BeeBee London's basement is ruined.

"All the clothes are damaged in the basement; I think the washer and dryer is damaged. The furnace has gone out, the hot water tank," London said.

London lives on Nottingham on Detroit's eastside. When it rains a lot people who live here say their basements often flood, but this time it was especially bad.

"I just paid $1,300 to have a plumber snake out my basement," Danisha Stokes said.

That was two weeks ago, and Stokes' basement is still flooded.

"At least a foot or more. I have a brand new washing machine and dryer down there, freezer, clothes; everything is down there," she said.

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department issued a statement saying they are investigating the basement flooding in Detroit.

Residents are encouraged to check their roof downspouts to make sure they are not damaged, which can cause storm water to flow into the basement. 

Residents should also check to see if the basement drains are clear.