Fake tickets during Tigers game warn of car theft potential

Some Tigers fans at Wednesday's game against the Cleveland Indians got a reminder about preventing car thefts. 

HEAT (Help Eliminate Auto Thefts) partnered with nearby authorities to issue the warnings -- pieces of paper that look like tickets, but were really a special message. 

HEAT team members walked around parking lots and side streets around Comerica Park Wednesday, looking into cars, and making note of any valuables they saw. 

"We write down what we saw in the vehicle and the estimated dollar amount, and put it face down so that anybody walking by would just think it was a ticket on the car," says Claren Liening from H.E.A.T.

It's a reminder about what you leave unattended in your car, as car break-ins and thefts always rise in the summer months. 

Tinted windows don't solve the problem, nor does putting the belongings in the backseat. Really the items should be completely out of site, or brought into your event with you.