Fallen DPD officer set tone for community policing in neighborhoods

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Pastor and Detroit Police Officer Darrell Dawson led the intercessions at New Outlook Community church.

"Father I ask you to keep our minds right now. That you would just keep us all safe."

That prayer, more urgent now than ever, it seems in the wake of fallen Officer Darren Weathers who died Tuesday in a car crash. Dawson's and others' appeals went out on behalf a broken city, weary cops and the family of a fallen officer.

"In Jesus' name, touch those officers, touch the families that were killed in the line of duty," Dawson prayed. "Touch the weathers' family."

Dawson said that he knew Weathers personally.

"In my opinion he set the tone for community policing," he said. "A lot of those kids will always remember that. He basically made a lasting impact on a lot of the children he was out there playing with."

Weathers, 25, died after a car crash that DPD Chief James Craig says while he was either participating in, or heading to an unsanctioned training operation, when he ran a red light and struck another vehicle. The passengers inside that car are okay.

But Weathers is the latest of a long list of officers either injured or killed in the line of duty in Detroit in recent years.

Dawson says it's taking a toll on his fellow officers.

"Everybody's frustrated. it seems like in my opinion there is no respect for law enforcement," Dawson said. "Lawlessness is running rampant in our land and it's frustrating. when we leave, when we go to work, our prayer is that we come home at night."

"Lord, touch, touch each and every officer that's out there right now patrolling these streets, answering them calls, knocking on them doors, lord touch them right now," Dawson prayed.

Those attending the prayer service Wednesday were few in number, but full of faith. Cops and civilians alike hoping and praying for a brighter day in Detroit.

There are two investigations underway. One is looking into the crash, the other into that unsanctioned training exercise.