Fallen soldier memorial makes only Michigan stop in Northville

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Ten names.

There are 10 names of fallen brothers and sisters on retired U.S. Army Sgt. Dan O'Connor's list.

He drove to Northville High School on Thursday to search for his fallen comrades’ names on a national, mobile display of almost 5,000 names called "Remembering Our Fallen."

"It's a list of 10 of my brothers and one sister that I lost in combat and I'm going to try to find them on these panels here. Pay a little respect them," he said.

The display is to help remember all the fallen members of the military after 9/11, the attack leading to loss that runs as deep as the hurt because of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

"I had retired from teaching and they said would you travel? And I said, I guess I will! And so here I am, and I called these my kids throughout the United States now," said Noala Fritz.

Fritz lost her own son serving in Iraq. First Lt. Jacob Fritz was executed by enemy combatants in Iraq in 2007. She now proudly tours the nation with the memorial.  

"My son was abducted, along with another officer and two of their soldiers, and they were executed while in POW status," she said.

Northville High asst. varsity baseball coach Bill Flohr says every student who enters the school will walk through the memorial.

"(It) is important. 99.9 percent -- they don't know anybody on the wall. But it is super important when they come out ... we let them know these men and women died for your freedom," he said.

It's worth a visit whether you know someone on this walk or not, isn't the only reason to visit.  No room to boast of being the land of the free unless you stop, pause and understand it is only because of the brave.

The display will be open to the public from Thursday, May 17, 5 p.m. - Saturday, May 19, 4 p.m.

You can find more information including a directory and tour schedule at www.RememberingOurFallen.org

celebrates Armed Forces Day on May 19th with a week-long celebration honoring our nation's
heroes. Events include the only Michigan appearance of the Remembering our Fallen Memorial
at Northville High School, a benefit concert by the Killer Flamingos, a Veteran vs. Northville Fire
& Police Softball game, a 5K run and a NHS Varsity Baseball Doubleheader. For more
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