Fame or Shame: Does metal hose deserve a medal or should it be scrapped?

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Tired of fighting with that old rubber hose? Introducing the Metal Garden Hose.

The flexible metal hose is flexible and lightweight and according to the commercial, can stand up to a bed of nails!

You can't cut it, but it's so strong you can take a grinder to it.

So we ask should you put the pedal to the metal and get yourself a Metal Garden Hose or should we scrap this metal monstrosity?

Comedian Rob Little loves heavy metal music. Rob Little loves pumping iron. Little's favorite movie? Full Metal Jacket.

So it only makes sense I would have him test The Metal Garden Hose.

Rob hates rubber hoses, they're heavy and kink up make gardening no fun. The metal hose coils easily and is supposedly kink free.

Let's see about that.

Watch Wolchek's report to see if it will get "Fame or Shame?!"