Family celebrates 100 years of reunions with Camp Dearborn gathering

For 100 years, the Doumanian family has gathered for an annual reunion.

"We're as far as Seattle, LA, San Diego, and Las Vegas," said Gina Campbell as the family celebrated at Camp Dearborn this weekend.

Last year, only 20 people gathered due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We wanted to make sure that we continue it, especially since it's the 100th so if the 100 was going to fall anywhere at least it's after a pandemic to make sure we all get here to celebrate," Campbell said.

The reunion has a big focus on traditional Armenian cuisine and the preparation of that food.

"We are always at my grandmother's house – rolling the grape leaves," said ? "Everyone brings their own dish to contribute, so there are tables and tables of food," Campbell said.

The family also has a tradition of taking a photo of everyone.