Family of Detroit police officer shot in head needs financial help

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Life changed for the Johnson family six months ago when their loved one, Officer Waldis Johnson, was shot. The 14-year veteran of the police force was shot on April 40 when he was responding to a domestic violence call near Joy Road and Dawes in Detroit.
"It was a completely random act of violence," says Arin Johnson, his son. Officer Johnson now receives around-the-clock care at a rehab center.

"Every day is a struggle but an improvement at the same time," Arin says. "Actually, tomorrow he gets his bone flap put back on and, with TBI victims, they tend to do 10 times better."

TBI stands for Traumatic Brain Injury. The shooting left Johnson a prisoner in his own body.

"He is fully aware of what is going on and what happened to him," Arin says. "But his nervous system is in shock, so he cannot move or speak."

It has also left his family adapting to a new normal. Arin, the oldest of three children, moved home from New York City to help out, and family bonds have made it stronger than ever.

"We have our differences because we are emotional at this point," says Jaden Johnson, another son of Officer Johnson. "But at the same time we are a tight family."

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But that new normal means times are tighter than ever financially.

"We're in dire need of help," Arin says. "This is a horrible time in our life and with my mom having to fend for herself, this has been a difficult time."

As way to ease the burden, a fundraising event has been set up for this coming Saturday at Vision Lanes in Westland.  

A $25 dollar donation will get you pizza, games and help out a family that has been through so much already so they can focus on getting their father, a Detroit police officer the help he needs. 

You can get tickets to the fundraiser online here