Family of man killed by wife in self defense says there's more to story

The family of a man shot and killed by his wife in Eastpointe says while police say the woman fired in self-defense, they believe there is more to the story.

Andre Williams, 56, was fatally shot by his wife on Friday on Forest in what police ruled was self-defense. Both the wife and her adult son, who was also in the home during the shooting, were taken into questioning. Police released both of them, saying that no charges will be filed.

"It could've been. She can speak for her but he can't speak for himself," said Patsy Bullock, Williams' aunt.

Wife fatally shoots husband in self-defense at Eastpointe home: police

That's why this family says they can't standby and be silent after his voice was taken away.

"What went down did not go down like they said it did. There's something else involved," Bullock said.

The family says Andre loved his wife and their 2-year-old son and would never hurt them. They say the conflict was between Williams and his stepson, the adult son home during the shooting.

"We feel like an argument started with Andre Williams and her son," said Takisha Williams, Williams' cousin. "We think it was a physical fight."

Fox 2 went to the home where the shooting took place to see if Williams' wife had anything to say and there was no answer. Eastpointe police say the investigation is still ongoing. The family says they hope the true story will come out.

"We want justice. We want the truth. We want his name cleared," Bullock said.