Family of man killed New Year's Eve talk about his senseless murder

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We are hearing from the family of a victim in the New Year's Eve double murder on Detroit's east side.

Police say they have the killer in custody and prosecutors could announce murder chargers any day, while the family of Tarance Smith, one of the two killed the tragedy, is talking about the man they lost.

Tarance Smith, 35, wasn’t just Cynthia Thornton's only son, he was her only child.

"I know Tarance is with God," Thornton said. "Because my son loved God and he knew God loved him. So that was my first thought.

"I can't see him right now but that's ok. It's going to have to be ok."

Taking his life and the life of his girlfriend, Detroit police say was the estranged husband of 36-year-old Theresa Watts. 

Police walked into her home on McKinney and discovered them both dead. Watts shot in the head and Smith shot in the face, still wearing his coat before heading to work.

"He didn't get a chance to leave the house before this happened," said Thornton.

Just two days earlier Smith spent time with his entire family with love and hugs spread around.

"When I dropped Tarance off, the last thing I told him was I love you 'cuz," said Darryl Cross. "He got out of the car and that was the last time I saw him."

While Watts' nephew told FOX 2 he believes his aunt's estranged husband, who is under arrest and awaiting charges Wednesday, was abusive and wanted her back.

"We won't get to see Tarance because of the anger someone else had," said Christine Cross, the aunt of the victim.

Smiths' cousin, who is also a Detroit police officer, can't believe how many people are now suffering from one impulsive decision.

"I've seen a lot of families in pain over senseless acts over nothing over my career," said Darryl Cross. "And now this has touched my family."

While thinking of Theresa Watts and her three children left behind.

"I feel for her family," Darryl Cross said. "My heart goes out to them. It truly does."

Smith, with three of his own, now, without their dad.

"That's so selfish," Darryl Cross said. "I don't care what's going on in your life decision you get to take away anyone's life."

Both victims' families creating pages to donate appreciating any help you can give also, asking for your prayers.

"We all have a life outside of this world and that's going to be in heaven," Darryl Cross said. "I know that he's there and I feel good about that."

To donate to Tarance Smith's GoFundMe CLICK HERE.

To donate to Theresa Watts' GoFundMe CLICK HERE.