Family says man fatally shot by business owner wasn't trying to rob store

Police say the owner of a popular Detroit hip-hop clothing store is in custody after fatally shooting a man from Highland Park accused of trying to rob the place.

Marcel Dubose, 26, had a passion for music and would often sell his own CDs on the street. That's what police say he was doing Monday night when he was shot and killed outside the Original hip-hop shop in Detroit.

The alleged shooter said he was acting in self-defense protecting himself from a robber.
To a father, that doesn't add up.

"He wasn't no angel but he wasn't robbing nobody," said his father Richard Poole.

At one time, Dubose was a star athlete.

"Two-time state champ, national champ, and everything he touched he won. He worked hard. While other kids were sleeping, Marcel was working," said Glenn Washington, his high school wrestling coach.

He turned that work ethic into a college scholarship at Central Michigan and later a career in mixed martial arts.

"I think he was currently with the MMA thing but the college thing didn't work out for him too long," Poole said.

His father says he and his son had a falling out about going back to school and he worried about him selling his music on the street, especially since he had three children to care for.

"One was recently born, one about 2 years old, and another about 4," Poole said.

Although police said it was a shooting in self-defense, we've learned the store owner has been taken in custody and the findings of the investigation will be handed over to the prosecutor.