Family tied up, beaten during home invasion in Hartland

The victim says the attack came without warning. 

"As soon as I heard the sound of the metal thing hitting his head, it clicked something was not right here," says Kallie Garza. She was at home in rural Livingston County with her boyfriend watching TV Saturday when intruders broke into their home and attacked them. 

The footprints in the snow where the two men came are still imprinted outside of the Garza home in Hartland Township. 

Garza says after the suspects hit her boyfriend with the metal club, they tied their hands with electric tape.

"As soon as they got done tying me up, the intruders continued to hit him with the stick," Garza says. 

Garza's stepdad wrestled the two intruders, which gave Kallie enough time to escape and call police. Meanwhile, the two intruders took what little money they could get and walked casually from the scene.

"The only thing I could think of was I got two little brothers upstairs. That was scary to know I couldn't do anything, there was nothing I could do," says Garza. 

Michigan State Police came to the home. We are told they recovered a mask, the club and other evidence. 

Anyone with information is asked to call the Michigan State Police.