Family wants justice after man left paralyzed in hit and run

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Police are still looking for the driver that struck Terrance Ivie and fled, but the family is grateful a stranger stopped to help when he did.

The victim's mom Mildred Ivie, received a heartbreaking call early Saturday when her son called to tell her someone ran a light and struck him as he crossed the intersection at Seven Mile and Evergreen in Detroit.

Terrence Ivie, 50, was less than a half mile from home.

"I just don't understand these people the world has to change, Lord it has just got to change," she said. "He said it was a black car. He does remember that, because he said he saw it coming real fast behind him.

"When it hit him then I guess he might have blacked out a little bit. When they hit him the impact mashed his spine." 

Mildred says the driver who struck her son's black Jaguar took off from the scene. The impact was so hard, the hit and run driver left the grill of his car behind.

It was a good Samaritan who Mildred says stopped, broke out the window of her son's car and pulled him to safety. That man then held Terrence's phone to his ear, so he could tell his family what happened.

Terrence, the father of a 3-year-old, told his family he was paralyzed. 

"We don't know who took him out of the car," Mildred said. "We tried to find out so we could thank him."

FOX 2 is told Terrence was taken to Detroit Medical Center where he had to undergo a six-hour surgery on his spine. It is not clear if he will regain any movement from the neck down.

In the meantime, Mildred is pleading with the person who left her son paralyzed to do the right thing and turn themselves in.

"I think it is terrible," she said. "They should have some kind of conscience. How can you leave a man paralyzed when you know you hit him like that?”

The family is offering a reward for information that leads to the driver who caused the crash to be found.