Family wants justice for 17-year-old in fatal Gratiot hit and run

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John Ford Jr. was killed Saturday night as he attempted to walk across Gratiot and was struck and killed.

Ashley Norman was overcome by the heart wrenching reality that she will never see her 17-year-old brother alive again.   

"It is killing me that I can't see my brother now," she said.

"Why would someone hit him and leave him in the street like throwing away a piece of paper," said Michell Shephard, the victim's aunt.

Police tell FOX 2 that according to an eye witness account, Ford was initially hit by a green vehicle that left the scene without stopping 

But as Ford attempted to get up after being hit, the witness says a black SUV also hit Ford and then left the scene.

Investigators say the teen was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police calling the incident a fatal hit and run. Ford's family calling on the people who hit their loved one left the scene to turn themselves in 

"Turn yourself in and give this family, his grandmother, his sisters, his extended family closure," Shephard said.

The family says Ford was a student at Westside Academy and loved to play video games and basketball. 

They admit he had some minor run-ins with police and had run away from home a few times but he would always return.

 As police continue to investigate the family is turning to social media to spread the word about this tragedy in hopes that someone will speak up and help solve this case.

Call 1-800-SPEAK-UP with any tips, you will remain anonymous.