Family's Detroit apartment overtaken by mold

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Mold growing out of control all over a Detroit apartment.

A worried mom says she's been asking her landlord to fix it, but so far nothing has been done. Now her kids are getting sick.

"There is mold over there in the corner," said Cherelle Ingram.

And that's not all. There seems to be an infinite amount of mold in the Infinity apartments Telegraph and Schoolcraft on Detroit's west side.  Mold on the ceiling, mold in the bathroom. Mold In the kids' room. 

"Three kids, two boys and a girl," said Ingram. "My daughter, she is sick. I have hospital bills, doctor bills, I can't afford to pay."

Cherelle moved into the apartment about a year ago. There was mold when she moved in but the management company took care of it.  But then, it grew back. And she's called many times but nothing's been done.

"It's just wrong, I have to it's sick," she said.

Sick that's true. But FOX 2 spoke to the representative of the infinity apartments, Carolyn Beck, the asset manager, who said:

"Residents are very important to us. This is the first time I heard of the situation. I will investigate, and take care of it within industry protocol."

And something happened. 

FOX 2: "What happened?

"They came over here and removed the mold and fixed my sink," Ingram said. "And all of that."

Mold in living room - gone. The bathroom, gone and mold in the kids' room, gone.

"It looked remarkable, it looked brand new," Ingram said.

And someone's happy.

"I really am thankful," Ingram said. "I really am."