Farmington barn from the 1800s needs a new home

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It has stayed in one spot since the late 1800s

Now this barn needs a new home. You can claim it, for free - but there is a catch. 

"They would have to figure out the logistics," said Kate Knight, Farmington Downtown Development Authority. "It is a very generous opportunity by the developer. They will provide access to the site.

"You have to figure out how to come in, break it down and move it out."

The property was sold just last week. A Samurai steakhouse is going in next door and if no one wants it, this barn will be leveled to make way for a parking lot. 

It is however worth pointing out, the steakhouse could do whatever they want with this property but they have been gracious in helping to facilitate a new home for this barn.

"They understand the value to the community," Knights said. "And if they could keep it they would. It is a great building and it is a very generous offer. It is an opportunity for someone to come in and take advantage of a great building."

There are no requirements for preservation because this old barn is not within the Farmington historic district.

You have until March 1 to move the barn from the property. Interested? Call the Farmington Downtown Development Authority at (248) 474-5500, ext. 2214.