Farmington baseball players accused of racist social media posts

Accusations of racism against members of the Farmington High School baseball team involving questionable comments -- allegedly made on social media.

Members of the Farmington High School baseball team are in trouble after the school confirms they made disparaging comments on social media about African-American women.

"I don't know what was going through their heads," said student David Smith. "It was super offensive to me and to a lot of kids I know."

The posts claim African-American women are inferior, obnoxious and ugly. One student chimes in and says he's offended.

Also posted on social media, a pair of shorts with watermelon slices on them and a caption that says "I'll get all the black chicks."

"We had a couple of debates during certain hours," Smith said. "It was heated, really heated. The teachers kind of moderated it."

Farmington High School administrators met with the students and their parents on Tuesday morning.

Dr. George C. Heitsch, Supt. of Farmington Public Schools released this statement:

"Consequences were given to the students according to the school district's student code of conduct, as well as plans for restorative practice conferences to support positive school culture moving forward."

School officials were unable to elaborate on the consequences the students are paying due to privacy reasons.

"I just hope we can move on and come together as human beings so hopefully this doesn't happen again," Smith said.