Farmington doctor takes plea deal for kissing, groping teenager

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A Farmington doctor who was convicted of assaulting a patient, making lewd comments, and trying to kiss a teenager, has been sentenced to probation. That teenager is speaking to FOX 2 and says she's relieved with his sentence.

Samantha Skeen, 18, of Farmington said she was relieved and rejuvenated on Monday after learning that her former doctor accepted a plea deal and was sentenced to probation.

"It's so worth it to go to sleep now knowing he can't do it to anybody else," Skeen said. "It really could've played out better, however, I'm more than grateful that his office is closed - I think that's what mattered more than anything for me."

Skeen says last year, during an appointment, 79-year-old Eliezer Monge began saying several sexual things and touching her inappropriately and even tried to kiss her. Skeen says she left his office feeling filthy.

Farmington doctor accused of kissing, groping 18-year-old patient

"There's no words that will ever be able to describe how awful it is and how you feel very, very hollow," she said

Skeen first talked to FOX 2 in December and since then, several other victims have come forward and accused him of similar actions.

"I'm blessed because the women that have come forward have been so supportive, but at the same time it sucks that it happen to other people," Skeen said.

As part of a plea deal, Monge's medical license has been revoked, he's been given community service, and will spend two years on probation. Skeen said she felt sick after seeing him.

"His family was there which was more disheartening to me - that he has a daughter and that can still go through his mind," she said.

Monge's attorney, Ray Cassar, says Monge is a good man who is suffering from depression and agreed that, since been practicing for 55 years, he should have retired before this happened.

"There's never had any complaints against him. It's a sad case in this situation but he's accepted responsibility,"Cassar said.

Skeen said that she would have preferred to see him behind bars but knowing that he can't hurt anyone else, she said that means she has won.

"It's sad that somebody can live their whole being life like that, but I want him to know he didn't break me down, he made me so much stronger," Skeen said.

Skeen said she is now in the process of filing a civil suit against Mange.