Farmington spa owner arrested for criminal sexual conduct

The owner of a spa in downtown Farmington has been arrested and charged with having inappropriate sexual contact with a female client during a massage.

Con Vuong, owner of the Oriental Spa located at 33409 Grand River Avenue, has been charged with three counts of 4th-degree criminal sexual conduct. Police say Vuong is not licensed or certified in massage therapy -- and that he is also a registered sex offender.

Police say a 23-year-old Livonia woman told them she was touched inappropriately during her massage earlier this month.

"Predatory in nature is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about actions like this," said Frank Demers, Farmington director of public safety.

She told police Vuong, 43, told her to lie on her back, and removed the sheet to expose her bare breasts. Vuong is then accused of touching the woman's breasts and genital area. The woman says at one point, Vuong grabbed her hand and placed it over his genital area.

"To be able to operate in a building with a business where you're laying hands on people as a way of providing practice is very disturbing, he was involved in this," Demers said.

Vuong was arraigned on the charges on Friday, May 12. He's due in court again later this month.

Farmington police believe other women may be victims as well.

"Not only is Mr. Vuong a registered sex offender, he holds no license or certification to practice massage.  It's clear his intent was to take advantage of this victim for sexual gratification," Farmington Public Safety Director Frank Demers said in a statement.

"Because of the brazenness of his actions, it is likely that he has assaulted other women at his business in the past.  We're hoping that anyone who may have had a similar experience with Mr. Vuong at Oriental Spa will come forward."

Records show in 2004, Vuong was convicted of third degree criminal sexual conduct with a person 13 through 15 years old.

Employees say they had no idea.

"I really don't have any comment about it because we are trying to run the business and we don't know what's going on," said an employee named April.

She says she did not know Vuong is a registered sex offender and said that surprises her.

Police say they also discovered Vuong tried to erase the victim's name and number from the spa's log-in book.

"Clearly shows intent. Clearly shows trying to cover up the crime that he committed," Demers said.

With no answer at Vuong's home, police say he must wear an electronic tether if he posts bond.

The city is now reviewing the business's license. It's been here for roughly the last 10 years.

The City of Farmington has an ordinance to regulate businesses offering massage therapy, but police encourage people to research the massage therapist to ensure they're licensed.