Indian wear fashion designer makes it to New York Fashion Week

Rachna Chandra says she has had a passion for designing outfits since elementary school. 

Chandra launched her clothing label in 2005, called Taj Cottage. It started with traditional Indian formal wear and then branched out into mainstream fashion. 

"I have my own production in India everything is made back home I design it, sketch it all the material and everything is back home in India... I have a manager who takes care of everything," she says. 

When the pandemic hit like most business Taj Cottage had to make some changes.  

The company started a "mask mission" where they made masks to assist with the high demand from the pandemic and things took off from there. 

Chandra says, "This magazine from New York reached [out] to me to feature me in their magazine for the mask, and then the same company reached out to me again asking me to be in their New York fashion week."

Although Fashion Week looks different due to COVID she says being apart of the show is an amazing experience that she will never forget. 

Taj Cottage along with other designers will be featured in an online fashion show that will air Sunday, February 14, at 4 pm. 

You can visit their Instagram page for more information.