Fatal accident kills man, splits bicycle in two

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A bicyclist was hit and killed in Waterford as the impact of the crash split his bike in two.

Witnesses tried to help at the scene, near Elizabeth Lake Road at Summit, but it was too late.

In the aftermath, a bike lay in pieces, a few feet away from a white minivan whose windshield is now smashed and indented.

"He was just crossing the road," said witness Leo Rybek. "There was not a lot of cars so I think he didn't think any cars were coming."

Police say the victim was his 40s and by witness accounts he had darted across the street attempting to go from one strip mall to another.

One witness said he was outside getting some fresh air when he heard the crash. He then made a call to 911 but it didn't end there.

Tom Watson said once he saw the man lying on the ground he did his best to save him.

"They said just give him chest compressions," Watson said. "So I did that while another guy came over and took over for me, across the way."

Watson suffered a stroke and walks with a cane but says the adrenaline of hearing the crash and seeing the man lying helpless compelled him to act.
"It's what you have to do," he said. "It's human nature. I don't know."

Despite the best efforts from those who rushed in to help and a prompt response from emergency crews, the victim could not be saved.

"After the chest compressions, one more gasp of air and that was it," Watson said.

Police accident re-construction crews were on scene gathering evidence but it appears as if this was a tragic accident.