Fatal stabbing victim's daughter needs help for mom's funeral

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Nishia Taylor died from fatal stabbing Aug. 27.

A mother was stabbed to death by her boyfriend and her daughter badly injured.

As the young woman recovers, she is reaching out to the community for help.

"Every time I close my eyes it's there," said Brittani Taylor. "I see the whole scene from beginning to the end."

The night she is describing is Aug. 27, when she and her mother, Nishia, were attacked.

It happened at her mother's Detroit home on Helen Street when police say Frederick Hill, her mom's boyfriend, came to the house.

"He just came in and I saw the knife," Taylor said. "I pushed her to the side, that's how I got stabbed first.  I got stabbed in my back twice."

Taylor was stabbed a total of five times she says, her mother, stabbed 10 times.

"As much as I tried to get her out, I felt every stab wound," she said.

From there she remembers waking up in the hospital and calling out for her mom.

"I was sitting in a hospital bed, that's when I heard that she was dead," Taylor said.

Police tracked Hill down and arrested him. He's being held on murder charges.

While Taylor is thankful he's been caught, she is also working to get a final resting place for her mom on a limited budget.

"I don't want to cremate my mother, I don't want to burn her," Taylor said. "I want to go see her."

A GoFundMe page has been created to help in her effort. CLICK HERE to donate.