Father of suspected Oxford High School shooter bought gun 4 days before shooting

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3 students killed in Oxford High School shooting; others hospitalized

Three students were killed and eight others, including a teacher, were wounded after a 15-year-old Oxford High School student shot them.

The gun used to kill four people Tuesday at Oxford High School was purchased by the suspect's father four days before the shooting, Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard said.

A 15-year-old sophomore used that gun bought on Nov. 26 to fatally shoot three students and injure eight others, including a teacher.

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When deputies stopped the teen and took the gun from him, it was loaded and still had seven rounds in it.

"We believe he came out of a bathroom with a weapon in hand. Deputies took (the gun) from him he was walking down the hall," Bouchard said. "That interrupted what could have led to several more victims. The way I see it is, there were seven more victims in that gun."

Authorities searched the suspected shooter's home Tuesday evening and seized evidence, including what appeared to be several long guns.

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Police seize long guns from suspected Oxford shooter's home

Oakland County Sheriff’s Office investigators and FBI agents hauled away critical evidence, including what appears to be several long guns from the alleged shooter’s Oxford house on East Street.

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