Father of three killed inside Ecorse apartment complex

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Dino Martin was shot and killed early Sunday morning in an Ecorse apartment complex. We are learning he is a father of three, his youngest born just three weeks ago. 

“I am sorry that it all happened they seem to be nice people,” Frank Mapel said.

Neighbor Frank Mapel was on his porch Sunday morning when across the street at the River Park Apartments in Ecorse he heard a gunshot. 

“Just got done eating my breakfast came out to have a cig heard the gunshot heard a bunch of people start screaming,” Mapel said.

Mapel says he saw who he thinks was the gunman run out from the apartment door right after the shooting.

“He ran about a half a block then seemed to get tired out and then stopped around the train tracks is where I lost sight of him,” he said. 

30-year-old Dino Martin died from injuries. He had allegedly gotten into an argument with someone who lives in the building before he was killed. 

Martin is a father to three girls…his youngest just three weeks old, his kids and girlfriend Marissa were there when the shooting happened. 

“The only way people react anymore is gunshots and violence,” Mapel said.

Viewer video shows K9 units searching for the shooter but as of Sunday night no one is in custody. 

People who live in the building were too afraid to go on camera, they tell FOX 2 the shooter could come back. 

“Always a concern especially with the amount of kids that live over there,” he said.