Faygo's new flavor Firework going for $200 a case on eBay

Faygo, the iconic Michigan pop brand has just launched its newest flavor: Firework.

If you can't tell how successful the rollout has been, then a quick search online should answer any questions.

On eBay, a box of the new flavor is going for $200 bucks a case. 

"I must've had eight customers coming in at night and in the morning looking for it," said Paul Lutfy, owner of Cloverleaf BP in Southfield.

Sadly, Lutfy had no more in stock, despite the best efforts of FOX 2's Charlie Langton. 

"It's like fine wine," said Lutfy.

Speaking of fine wine, criminal defense attorney and wine connoisseur David Kramer has some of the most expensive wines in the world. And hidden in his selection is the same Faygo flavor that everyone's been raving about; Firework. 

"Can you taste the overtones? A combination almost head-on of Cherry lemonade, and blueberry lemonade," he noted. 

Faygo says its 20,000 cases of the flavor are all but gone. But it promises to make more.