FBI: Clinton Twp. trustee took up to $70,000 in bribes

A Clinton Township trustee charged with corruption has been accused demanding money and taking bribes in exchange for his vote on township contracts.

The FBI says they have video, wiretaps and other evidence proving Dean Reynolds, a three-time elected Clinton Township trustee, took up to $70,000 dollars in bribes in exchange for votes and favors from his position of power.

The crimes date back to 2012 and he's also accused of taking $17,000 from an undercover FBI agent.

Reynolds appeared in handcuffs before a judge in federal court on Thursday.

The current trustee was also in the middle of election campaign trying to take Robert Cannon's township supervisor seat.

"I have not had anyone run against me in the entire 16 years until this year, when Mr. Reynolds put his name in," Cannon said. "My record stands for itself and now apparently, his record also stands for itself."

With the election less than a month away and absentee ballots being dropped off, the timing of this arrest can't be ignored.

According to the current township supervisor when he arrived for work at the office, seven uniformed FBI agents were waiting for Reynolds.

"Totally by surprise. We had no clue it was coming, and we wondered why they sent seven to arrest one person," Cannon said.

One voter FOX 2 spoke with says Reynolds didn't have a very favorable reputation in his opinion.

"This is the biggest break for Clinton Township residents that he is on the way out," Bob Hogan said.

Even though his opponent in the upcoming election was charged, Cannon says rebuilding trust across the board won't be easy.

"We put our trust in him," Cannon said. "They put their trust in him when they elected him trustee. He's been a trustee for 12 years, so we've known each other for quite time some. He has a number of legal issues that he's dealt with over the years that are all in the Macomb County and the Oakland County circuit courts documents, but nothing like this."

Reynolds is said to have a family, including a teenage son who will also likely be affected by these strong accusations, and they are not alone.

"People around here are devastated," Cannon said. "The other elected officials, I'm sure, are feeling it the brunt of this. The staff here is just in shock and dismay."

Reynolds was released on $10,000 surety bond under the condition that he turns his gun over to the government.

He'll be back in court in November.