FBI, Michigan State Police search nature center in Westland

Neighbors are left with questions after federal agents descended on a Westland neighborhood with ladders, metal detectors and other equipment.

"It's frightening living in the neighborhood," one neighbor said.

It was panic for many Westland residents living around a wooded nature center near Wildwood and Palmer.

"Scared don't know what's going on," said Richard Hare.

Residents approached the scene to see if anyone could tell them why investigators from Michigan State Police and the FBI started invading the nature center Friday morning.

"Before 9 they were all out here," said Linda Nebelung.

Sky Fox was over the scene of investigators, meticulous as they go on a hunt, armed with guns, metal detectors and shovels looking for evidence in the dense wooded area.

The FBI is not commenting on the search, but Michigan State Police did. They told Fox 2 that this is their case and what is taking place is a search for evidence in an open investigation.

Residents say they saw Michigan State Police and one of their helicopters in the area earlier this week.

"They were outside their vehicle and there was a guy that appeared to have a camera on a tripod," said Chae Rickett.

"There was a helicopter flying around flying around neighborhood," Hare said. "It said trooper on the bottom, must be state police." 

MSP will not confirm if a helicopter flying over this area earlier this week is connected to Friday's search, but they do tell Fox 2 that this investigative team did collect some evidence. They're just not revealing what they found and why they were looking for it just yet. 

But Fox 2 cameras did see what appeared to be a bottle of bleach and other items in a plastic bag. FBI agents wrapped up their search around noon on Friday and residents say they hope this area can return to the peace and quiet things can that they know. 

"It's always pretty quiet over here," Nebelung said.