FDA approves drug to rid of double chins

In May the FDA approved a drug to help people get rid of their "double chins". The drug is called Kybella, and is the first non-surgical treatment for double chins.

Dual board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Boyd joined us on The Nine to teach us more about this drug.

What causes a double chin?

"No matter how fit you are, a lot of people have this problem," he says. "Sometimes it's laxing in the skin, but most of us have a little bit of fat there that we could eliminate."

What exactly is the drug?

It's a natural enzyme found in our stomachs. Take, for example, the brownie you ate for a snack. You stomach has enzymes that dissolve it. The drug is just taking those enzymes and injecting them into the chin, Boyd explains.

So, would it work on other areas on the body?

"We don't know yet. They're going to do testing in other places, but it is FDA approved for her," Boys says, pointing to his chin.

Boyd says it takes about two to three treatments, but that can vary depending on the amount of fat. Each treatment is spread about a month apart. He says it can cost between $750 - $1,500, depending on how many visits you need.