Federal judge issues stay on deportation of Chaldean and Iraq immigrants

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A federal judge has issued a stay on the deportation of Chaldean and Iraq immigrants arrested by ICE agents for 14 days.

The order came down Thursday evening just after 7 p.m. by Judge Mark A. Goldsmith.

Goldsmith, whose order will expire July 6, wrote that the court is unsure it has "subject matter jurisdiction." Read the full order below.

Immigration agents swept metro Detroit earlier this month with some detained having committed crimes when they were younger.

ICE released the following statement at the time of the rounding up of immigrants:

"ICE regularly conducts targeted enforcement operations during which additional resources and personnel are dedicated to apprehending removable aliens. All enforcement activities are conducted with the same level of professionalism and respect that ICE officers exhibit every day. The focus of these targeted enforcement operations is consistent with the routine, targeted arrests carried out by ICE's Fugitive Operations Teams on a daily basis."

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