Feds: leader of Bounty Hunter Bloods gets 30 years for security guard's murder

The feds took down the leader of a violent gang they say is connected to drug dealers and several murders. But it was his social media use that ultimately did him in.

The Bounty Hunter Bloods are said to be responsible for some horrific acts of violence in Detroit. They go by names like "Nightmare," "Bullet and "Uncle Murda". Now, those they're without their so-called leader, Ramiah Jefferson, and other key players who are off the street.
"This is a defendant who was convicted of ordering and directing murders, being involved in large-scale drug trafficking, in carjacking, armed robberies. This is who the lengthy sentences were intended," US Attorney Barbara McQuade said about Jefferson.

He and eight other gang members from the Bounty Hunter Bloods were sentenced for crimes including a murder from February of 2014 when a security guard was killed protecting a mother and child from a carjacking.

"A high profile carjacking of a CVS security guard who tried to stop a carjacking and was murdered - Courtney Meeks (was the victim)," McQuade said.

Cases like these aren't easy since gang members rarely talk to cops. But sometimes the evidence isn't as hidden as you would think. McQuade said some of the evidence in these crimes was found in the palm of her hand: social media. Gang members would post their crimes bragging about them online which would be used against them in court - and they'd also order hits, McQuade said.

"Johnson used social media to direct his gang members to direct and go after and kill opposing gang members. e said it's hunting seaons - it's time to go out and kill our rivals," McQuade said.

Jefferson is going to federal prison for 30 years while the other eight are looking at between one and 60 years behind bars.