Feel free to not mow your lawn this May, city of Ferndale says

The city of Ferndale is joining a growing movement that spans all the way to its resident's yards.

For the first time ever, the city won't be ticketing homeowners for their lawns as part of No Mow May. The month-long initiative is part of a campaign to promote healthy growth that can support pollinator habitats.

It also reduces emissions, cuts down on noise pollution, improves soil compaction, and gives people more time to enjoy the summer. 

It's a voluntary program and no one will be chided for mowing their lawns before the end of May. However, those that do participate won't have to worrk about citations from the city for having an unruly yard.

Under normal city code rules, grass longer than seven inches needs to be cut back. 

What are the benefits of No Mow May

Not mowing one's yard might sound strange. An unsightly lawn can look messy and unkempt and give off the impression one doesn't care about their home.

The campaign couldn't be further from the truth, though the benefits won't seem immediate. 

Allowing lawns to grow, along with all the weeds and dandelions that come with it, helps insects bring more pollen to early-season flowers. Someone's lawn will also appear more full as the grass had more time to fill out. 

This also helps with soil quality, making it more conducive for managing stormwater. 

Less mowing also means gas-powered lawnmowers won't be emitting emissions. 

Having more natural plants growing at one's home can also reduce the need for maintenance since established native plants have an easier time growing on their own. 

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