Fenton restaurant testing out new COVID-19 screening device made in Michigan

At the Fireplace Bar and Grill in Fenton, you'll find good food and good conversation. And the latest conversation topic? Something called the Genatek GT 1000. 

The GT 1000, said to be the latest in COVID-19 prevention technology, was invented right here in Michigan.

"I thought it was a great idea," Johnny Cooper from the Genatek Global says. 

It looks one of the security scanners you go through at the airport, but instead of a body scan you get your temperature checked, hands sanitized, facial recognition verifies they are wearing a mask and then the body is sprayed with a disinfectant mist.

"When you go to the grocery store to touch the vegetables and you see that mist, it's actually the same component we use here in this mist," says Cooper. 

The Fireplace restaurant is the first business to try it out. 

"This is the first one we put in the commercial market here at the Fireplace restaurant, they leased our very first unit. And we have other ones going in right now as we speak and we're working on a very large order for a national chain right now," Cooper says.

"This is just one more piece of the puzzle that you can go ahead and add to, ,to hopefully go ahead and make my patrons feel safe while they're here," says Fireplace owner Joe Gilbert. 

"Make it quick and easy for the business owner, or the restaurants, multiple businesses and places to be able to get people through safely here and be able to make sure they have a nice environment on the inside," Cooper says. 

But if you're not totally comfortable with the technology, Gilbert says using it is optional.