Fifteen lucky Detroit homeowners are getting free energy-efficient windows this winter

Michigan winters can be brutal, so Wallside Windows his giving new, custom-made windows to 15 lucky Detroit homeowners to help them stay warm.

"This is the beginning of my dream to revamp my own neighborhood between Dexter and Linwood," said Carolyn Singleton.

Singleton's historic home on Collingwood on Detroit's west side is nearly a century old. So new windows courtesy of Wallside Windows and the nonprofit organization Life Remodeled were a big help.

"We're really excited to give back to members of the community that give so much into it. So working with Life Remodeled, they're great partners and one window at a time, one room at a time," said Adam Blanck with Wallside Windows.

Altogether, 15 homes in Detroit are getting these energy-efficient windows. Singleton is already feeling the effects.

"Even before they got the two on the side of the house installed, the cold air had just been sucked out of the room, just with this beginning," she said.

She got five new windows on the first floor, then crews will come back in the spring to install new windows on the second floor.

"It was so quick that we didn't even feel the cold. The guys were very very efficient," she said.

"One piece at a time and the home is beautiful so it's nice to improve it for the future," Blanck said.