Final night of Beaumont's Moonbeams end with ball drop, lights of hope

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New Year's Eve was the final night of Beaumont Hospital's Moonbeams for Sweet Dreams.

It included a special ball drop for tonight - and like they have every night in December - people shined flashlights into the windows of the children's wing of the hospital.

The children, many of them fighting cancer, shine their flashlights back.

"I personally think it's great because it makes all the kids that can't come outside, really happy," said Scotty Stoner, who attended the event.

Winston, 2 years old, is a regular at this month-long event.

"We ask him if he wants to go to Moonbeams and he does," said his mother Katie Gott, who helped organize the event. "He's been inside too, he volunteered there, too. He did Christmas Eve inside."

And even though Winston is too young to know, the Moonbeams event hold a special place in his parents' hearts.

"I'm on the volunteer group that actually organized it and we had a son who spent a lot of time in the hospital a couple years ago he had cancer," Gott said. "And we do this to give back."

This event helps teach children about compassion.

"Honestly if I had to stay in the hospital 24/7 like they do, I would feel awful," Scotty said. "And if I'm being honest, this would probably really help me."

"I would say you can do it, you can fight cancer," said one little girl attending the event.