Finale Friday at Summer in the City

It's 'Summer in the City' and hundreds of young people are spending their summer break to work for one of the best-known nonprofits in Detroit and you can take part in the fun.

It may be hot outside but a very cool activity is happening Friday in Detroit. The non-profit Summer in the City is giving young suburban volunteers the chance to see a different Detroit

"We kind of broke the mould and said "It's summer, it's the city. Let's make it happen!" Ben Falik, co-founder of Summer in the city said.

It all started in 2002. Falik and two of his college-age friends from the burbs started the program for high school and college kids. In its 14th year, it has taken off.

"So, I think there was a sense of audacity and, really naiveté, that me and my couple of friends who didn't grow up in the city and didn't really know that much about the city but had this curiousity and interest to get people into the city and connect and engage," Falik said.

Today, they're still doing what they've always done: Providing a fun, flexible and fulfilling experience for young volunteers to paint, plant, and play. The difference is in the numbers. Their first summer? An average of fifteen volunteers a day. Now, about 150.

"Through the course of, it's now...fourteen years, we've had over 10,000 volunteers volunteer with us. And it's something like well over 100,000 total volunteer hours in that time," according to Robert Spence, who is on the board.

The pictures tell the story of growth; every year eight weeks of volunteering wraps up at finale Friday. As the numbers continue to grow, they add up to a lot of good for the city and those who serve.

Want to join? It's easy. CLICK HERE to visit the Summer in the City website and get involved!