Firefighters can't reach hoarder homeowner in time during blaze

A man was killed in an early morning fire in Clinton Township Thursday.

Firefighters struggled to reach the 69-year-old homeowner because the house was filled with debris.  

Just after midnight Thursday the fire department said a neighbor, two doors down, noticed a fiery glow and heavy smoke billowing from the back of this condo on Park Place Lane.

That neighbor called 911 but police and first responders were unable to get inside. The smoke was too thick and the 69-year-old homeowner was trapped inside.

Firefighters arrived to a hoarding situation. Crews forced to move clothing, boxes and containers to reach the man who was found unconscious lying on the floor near the kitchen.

Firefighters pulled the man out and tried to revive him but he died soon after.

We are told the exact cause of the fire is still under investigation but it appears to be accidental. The homeowner was said to be a heavy smoker.

Fire crews said they believe the fire started in the back family room and spread quickly. 

The home's smoke detectors working but they believe the 69-year-old was quickly unable to breathe dying from smoke inhalation.

Neighbors say the retired GM worker was incredibly nice and always kept to himself.