Fireworks can be big and beautiful. They're also dangerous - even the small ones

The Fourth of July is that time of year again when people celebrating the holiday have potential to end up with serious injuries. 

Smaller, consumer-friendly fireworks even carry risks. 

For example, kids find sparklers to be so fun. But these sparkly wands can do so much damage. 

"Sparkles burn as high as 2000, we see highest rate of injury in children under 5 because of sparkers. 
3rd degree burn to the bone 

Burns are one of the top risks, along with eye trauma. 

The consumer product safety commission has all sorts of worst case scenarios.

Also keep in mind Michigan has the new law about when you're allowed to set off fireworks.

Here's the quick version: now until July 5 you can use legal fireworks until 11:45 p.m. Many communities have their own ordinances and rules to follow though, so check those before starting. 

For another safety reminder, always buy your fireworks from a trusted retailer.