Flames tear through Lakeside Coney Island in Detroit

A fire destroyed Lakeside Coney Island on Detroit's west side early Friday morning.

The restaurant, which is near Grand River and Fention, has been closed down for months - but now only a burned-out shell remains.

Firefighters got here around 4-30 in the morning and in no time had the blaze out, but had some concerns over how this all started. Arson investigators later returned to look through the rubble and into whether this was perhaps a firebombing. A firebomb has now been ruled out.

Now, investigators are still saying the fire was spurposefully set but aren't sure how.

This restaurant once meant so much to so many and the building that formly housed it now stands ruins. Fire destroyed yet another staple in the landscape around here. It's now a sight those who frequent this area hope will come down soon -and perhaps serve as a new beginning for someone.