Flint water made residents sick, lawsuit filed

Families in Flint have filed a federal lawsuit over the city's water crisis, despite switching back to Detroit water.

They claim the water made them sick. Now a class action lawsuit could cost the city and state millions.

New images out of Flint show the poisonous, color-changing water, filled with chemicals. It is continuing to destroy the health and homes of city residents.

"The part that makes me so mad, is they said right to our face, 'the water is safe'," said Jacqueline Pemberton, who lives in Flint.

Lila Pemberton and her grandparents are among thousands who unknowingly drank the water for months, which was contaminated with led and other toxins.

"I have a hernia and multiple stomach issues," said Pemberton.

Lila, like many other children, developed rashes, until she moved away from the city.

"The rashes were gone within three weeks, so we're pretty sure the water is what caused her rashes," said Pemberton.

They are joining ten others in a growing class action lawsuit against the city and state. Others are blaming the Flint River water for cancer, hair loss and corrosion of bones and teeth.

"We're asking that people be compensated for the injuries they have sustained, we are asking for continued prospective relief," said Bill Goodman, attorney.

For 14 months, city and state officials made promises that the water was safe.

This was after Gov. Rick Snyder oversaw a cost-saving initiative to source the water out of the Flint River instead of Detroit, not paying enough attention to the possible health effects and other damages.

The water has been switched back from Flint, back again to Detroit, but the water is still toxic because all the pipes are contaminated and corroded.

Pemberton is fed up by the lack of help from city and state government.

"They knew this. Through the Freedom of Information Act, we have all sorts of documents that show that they knew, and they lied to us," said Pemberton.

Now the futures for Lila and thousands of others are unclear. Many are already reporting a decline in test scores in their children due to lead found in the water at the schools.