Flint's water safe to drink according to Governor, but Mayor disagrees

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The Governor has said that Flint's water is finally safe, but the city's Mayor isn't buying it.

Mayor Karen Weaver is pushing the EPA to run new tests as she fights for more funding.

"I went from anger to disappointment in my meeting yesterday.", said Karen Weaver, Flint Mayor.

Anger that Governor Snyder will not allow nearly 20 thousand Flint water customers to receive the 65% credit on their water bills that they had been receiving since last year. They had been given the money because the water was not safe to drink. 

The disappointment was obvious.

"Do you think his were misled by the governor?"

"I feel disappointed. We were told that the credit would continue until March 31st or when the water met certain standards.", said Mayor Weaver.

The Governor said Flint water meets federal quality standards and is as safe as any city in Michigan.  The Mayor disagrees. 

"I'm not going to tell anybody to drink the water without a filter."

Some Flint residents were taking out their frustrations at the press conference. 

"It's a big deal. We pay some of the highest water rates in the nation. There's a lot of low income families and seniors that are going to be effected by this water money being taken away and we still can't drink the water.", said Lisia Williams, Flint resident.

The city does have options for those who need help with paying their water bills. How many many will take advantage is unknown at this time.

"We're going to work hard and work with the citizens to help pay their bills. That's our goal.", said David Sabuda, Flint's Chief Financial Officer.

In the meantime, the Mayor said she's going to call the EPA and ask them how safe it is to drink water without a filter.