Flooding from canal frustrates Detroit neighbors, asks city to step up

Water from a canal is pouring into a Detroit  home, and spreading to the properties next door.

Detroit resident, Dennis Gentz, says he's had it.

"This should be the shining jewel of the city instead it's the armpit."

He says his neighborhood is in shambles and no one seems to care.

"There are trees falling in canals, five years they've been there," says Gentz. "The home next to us, for 30 years they've done nothing."

He added he believes waste has now become an issue too.

"You got 'Mr. Airbnb' who hasn't moved trailer in two years. Where is the sewage going? It's going right there."

Then take a walk down the street on Ashland and Gentz says there are more problems.

"The seawall is breached there's water pouring onto the streets."

Lucille Mapp lives next door and says,

"The basement was flooded. The washing machine and dryer are messed up."

Theses residents say they realize the homeowners are responsible for many of these issues, but when the homeowner is negligent they believe the city should step in.

"If you were in Clinton Township, St. Clair Shores, Sterling Heights they would do it and then bill you," says Gentz.

When Fox 2 called the city, officials sent an inspector out to look at the issues.

Neighbors say inspectors have been called out before and nothing has changed.

"Buildings and safety that's the title. Do it!" says Gentz. "Don't take a report, file it and say oh well we'll just fine them.  That's not fixing the problem."

In a statement to Fox 2, city officials sa:

"The city's building, safety, engineering, and environmental department visited properties and issued citations to the homeowners for various violations. We will continue to reinspect the properties taking appropriate actions until the areas of concern have been addressed."

But for now, Gentz says he could not put his home on the market even if he wanted to.

"How would I have selling point?"