Floyd Dent settlement to be paid by Inkster residents

Homeowners with a house worth $40,000 will pay $130; houses worth $55,000 will pay almost $180.

He was was awarded a $1.4 million settlement from the city last month. A dash cam caught Inkster police officer William Melendez beating him last January.

The city does have a general fund that could pay for the settlement. However, the insurance policy doesn't pay for expenditures below $2 million.

"The situation with Mr. Dent was unfortunate. This settlement begins to put this behind us for both parties. The city of Inkster has and continues to be in fiscal distress. The only way to satisfy the judgement is by placing it on the tax rolls," says the city's treasurer, Mark Stuhldreher. 

All too fresh in residents minds, the city of Inkster has passed on the responsibility to homeowners several times before when it could not pay by itself. 

Inkster residents can expect the charge on their July 1 tax bill.