Following fireworks, car hits 9-year-old girl crossing with her mom before driving away

A night of joy and sky gazing turned to tragedy when a 9-year-old girl was hit by a car.

"She just wanted to go to the fireworks so bad," said Rose Edwards, grandma to the girl who was hit. "We never thought it would end up with her being in the hospital like this."

A metro Detroit family had just finished watching Monday night's firework show when they came to the intersection of Jefferson near Iroquois Street. When Joann crossed the road with her daughter Skylah, a white older model vehicle hit the girl. Then it drove away.

"I don't know if he was intoxicated or not, but he just hit my baby," Joann said. "I saw her bone literally hanging out of her leg and my baby had blood all over her."

Joann was tearful in her description of what happened. But she was also aghast at the number of people that were around during hit-and-run, and how unhelpful they were.

"How nobody seen nothing?" she asked. "How nobody seen the car or the license plate? You couldn't catch him? It was just like effortless."

Skylah has already had one operation on her leg due to the crash. She's scheduled to have another on Thursday. 

"I could have lost my child all because somebody wanted to drive ignorant," said Joann. "I just don't see how somebody could hit a kid and keep going."