Food, fun and music at St. Mary's Polish Country Fair

The Orchard Lake High School campus was transformed into a country fair through Memorial Day.

The St. Mary's Polish Country Fair is a way to enjoy food, fun, music and support a high school all at the same time.

"This is the school's largest fundraiser so all the funds that we raise go to help keep tuition low and pay for some of the cost to maintain this very large and beautiful campus," said Kevin Foe of the St. Mary's Polish Country Fair.

Some came for the rides, and what's a fair without food?

"It's authentic Polish food, and we have a Polish background and we really enjoy that stuff," said Hazel Park resident Cathryne Cansler.

There was also a Vegas tent, featuring poker, a DJ, drinks, and more.

The fair has been around for more than four decades, and there's a lot of tradition but there's also some new attractions.

"For the very first time ever, the (Detroit Institute of Art) has joined us with their DIA Away exhibit, where it challenges people that come in to think creatively," Foe said.