Ford 2020 Police Interceptor SUV is high-powered hybrid

Ford has a brand new police interceptor that is not only expected to outperform most cars on the road - it's supposed to save departments thousands of dollars every year. 

FOX 2's Erika Erickson got a sneak peek at Ford's all-new 2020 Police Interceptor Utility Hybrid - the only pursuit-rated SUV hybrid cop car in America.

"It's not just a regular SUV," said Police Brand Marketing Manager Stephen Tyler. "It’s specifically upgraded with the proper equipment for police work."

Tyler says the standard Hybrid, which is on an all-wheel-drive powertrain, could save police agencies and taxpayers up to $5,700 each year - per car.

"It makes us feel like we're doing our job, right, we're helping to protect people who protect us on our streets," Tyler said. "You can save $3,500 a year at $2.75 a gallon. That comes mostly from reduced idle times, but also the 41 percent improvement in fuel economy."

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The SUV also offers unique suspension, brakes, wheels, tires and hubcaps with vinyl flooring and rear seats - and extra-thick material to avoid wear and keep cops comfortable.

"It also has anti-stab plates in the rear of the seat backs in case someone tries to get extra-friendly in the rear," Tyler said.

Besides the cars 75 rear-impact crash protection and the 160-pounds of metal added in back, the coolest part of this: the car's Police Perimeter Alert system. It's equipped with motion sensors that detect potentially threatening behavior.

"It will go into action. The rear camera will come on; it will sound a chime. It will roll up the windows and lock the doors. That way, an officer has that extra level of protection. Someone can't just run up and open the door and try to harm them."

The SUV will be on the streets in summer 2019. It runs about $41,000 each.

Tyler says Ford's police interceptor utility vehicles made up about half of all police cars sold in 2018.

"This vehicle out-accelerated and out-performed other manufacturers utility vehicles with V8 engines," Tyler said.

Michigan State Police and the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Office is already testing out the new hybrid.

Oh - and Erika got a chance to drive too.