Ford releases plans to overhaul Dearborn campus

Ford Motor Company is announcing a major redesign for its research and engineering campus in Dearborn.

The project expected to take several years to be finished, Ford is revealing what the finished product will look like.

"Knowing where we are going in the next 100 years looks a lot different then where we were in the previous 100 years," said Jackie Shuk, Global Director of Ford Land.

The firm behind this transformation says this project is about more than vehicles. 

"We're hopeful that people will see this new design new ways to make cities, new ways to plan roads, new ways to make communities," said Craig Dykers with Snohetta.

Planning for the company's tomorrow today requires vision. This redesign plan calls for workers including engineers and designers to come together in a walkable campus that's high tech and composed of interconnected buildings.

"So you're going to see a much different design of our buildings that will facilitate how we work as a company," Shuk said.

It's the first big renovation of the company's corporate campus in Dearborn in nearly 70 years. The first building is expected to be done around 2025.

The new master plan will also foster more interaction with nearby  neighborhoods as spaces are created to bring Ford employees and residents together. Ford says the great thing about the new intelligent campus is that it will by built to adapt to changes in the future.

"We have this progressive approach for our work places that will accumulate and deliver the culture change that we want with progressive thinking," Shuk said.