Former Detroit police deputy chief to plead guilty in corruption probe

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A former legal adviser to the Detroit Police Department may soon resolve her own legal dilemma ...
Celia Washington was the first official outside Macomb County implicated in the federal investigation into public corruption.

After months of proclaiming her innocence, Washington appears to be ready to admit her guilt.

In October of 2017, she said: "The allegations were devastating but because of the impact, I have to, with all my might, fight these allegations in court. I look forward to being vindicated."

The former legal adviser to the Detroit Police Department decided to stop fighting federal bribery charges and plead guilty.  Washington was indicted this summer for allegedly taking bribes from a tow truck operator.

That tow truck operator is Gasper Fiore, who just pleaded guilty to bribing a Clinton Township official.

The feds say Washington took $3,000 to help Fiore hold onto lucrative towing contracts with the Detroit Police Department.

But Washington's attorney Arnold Reed says she never tried to help Fiore. He says she merely borrowed some money from him when times were tough. 

It turned out to be a costly mistake, he told FOX 2, adding:
"Under federal statute, if you are an agent or a governmental official and you accept money and you know that somebody is giving you money because they want you to do something - even if they don't say it explicitly - that is a crime."

Reed says Washington tried to repay Fiore shortly after borrowing the money, he says Fiore refused to accept it.

Reed says the real mistake Washington made was thinking Fiore was her friend.

Washington is scheduled to appear before a judge on Jan. 2, talk about a tough way to start the year.