Former Dodge Viper assembly plant turned into showcase for FCA

The Conner Avenue Assembly Plant in Detroit was once home to some of Dodge's finest creations. Now it's going to showcase them, along with other Fiat Chrysler vehicles.

FCA revealed the future for the plant that's been unused since the last Viper rolled off the line in August. The 51-year-old plant will be renamed the Conner Center and will be home to the company's impressive vehicle collection, including 400 concept and antique cars, like the 1902 Rambler and the 1924 Touring.

400 of some of the finest automobiles to ever to bare the Chrysler FIAT name have a new home at  the former Conner Avenue Assembly plant in Detroit - the spot where the sleek Dodge Viper was produced up until last August.

The facility is shedding its skin and revamping into a new space.

The collection won't be open to public for now - but FCA says it's something they will consider doing down the road. Instead, the beauties will be the backdrop for new meeting area for company employees. They will start using the space in spring.

The company also announcing Wednesday they will be auctioning off almost 2,000 pieces of Viper memorabilia. 

All the money they generate will go right to the United Way of Southeastern Michigan.